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Nov. 28th, 03.
Vikram & Sandhya Janardhan
Wedding & Reception at downtown Lexington, KT

"Working with Balvinder was a pleasure right from the get go.
We had no problem getting a hold of him in the months leading up to the wedding.
He was always available for us. He is excellent at thinking through the details around
selecting the music we wanted to play, making sure it catered to all age groups in the audience.

Plus, Balvinder is very energetic and really knows how to work the crowd. Let him do your introductions
at the wedding reception and you will be pleasantly surprised! Plus, my wife and I were amazed
at how packed the dance floor was during our reception.

Without doubt, he'll be the at the next wedding in our family! - Vikram & Sandhya Janardhan
San Francisco, CA

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